Maintaining your equipment is critical to ensuring an enjoyable and safe diving experience. Scuba diving requires a lot of gear that needs attention if you want to work properly. Most of the time a fresh water rinse is all that our gear requires, but in particular regulators need to be services annually or as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

We have an in-house service centre with trained staff that can service and repair regulators and BCDs from the vast majority of equipment manufacturers. Our labour prices are as follows:

  • Regulator Service: $95.00+ parts
  • BC Service: $45 + parts
  • Valve Service: $25 + parts
  • Oxygen Cleaning Cylinder: $65 + stickers (if required/desired)
  • Oxygen Cleaning Regulator: $95.00 + parts
  • Hydro Test: $55.00

What about parts?

In addition to cleaning, servicing a regulator involves the replacement of all parts that wear and tear. The costs of parts varies with the manufacturer, but the typical parts costs for a complete regulator service range from $45-75.

How do I know how much a service will cost?

Our staff will do their best to give you a real world estimate of the service costs when you hand over your equipment for service. To ensure there are no surprises, you will also be asked to authorise a maximum limit. If costs for whatever reason are expected to go over that limit, our service technicians will contact you to explain the situation and gain further authorisation before proceeding.

How long does a regulator service take?

We do our best to make sure your regulator is ready when you need it. Typically regulator service is done within 7 days of submission.

Can I ship my regulator to you for service?

Yes. Please contact us for return shipping costs to your area.