Vanuatu Photo Workshops – expressions of interest wanted

As part of our end of year Hideaway Island mega trip at the end of the year, Kel’s asked me to run a series of underwater photography workshops aimed at both getting people started and fostering existing talent. The question I have is what to cover, particularly on the intermediate to advanced side?

We’ll be in the tropics, so the bleeding obvious to me is macro and reefscape techniques. That said though, a few other, possibly more interesting ideas come to mind:

  • Strobe Photography – to me this is quite key, as it’s often the single biggest difference between good and bad shots underwater. Point and shoot cameras do a poor job at lighting subjects, so I’d like to bring a few strobes and set them up on your point and shoot cameras – the difference will amaze you!
  • Wreck Photography – there are two small wrecks at Hideway, as well as the Star of Russia, Semle Federesen and Konanda wrecks in Port Villa. All provide a great platform to run a structured wreck photography workshop on.
  • Digital SLR Shooting – everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask; benefits, pitfalls, cost, technique, buying used equipment, etc

As we’re still in the planning stage, I’d like to hear from you! Please email me directly (damien “at” or comment on the blog. Tell us what would interest you and what you want to learn.

This trip is going to be awesome, so we’d better make the photos just as good.

Damien Siviero

2 thoughts on “Vanuatu Photo Workshops – expressions of interest wanted

  1. Hi All, this will be a great workshop and you will leave with heaps of knowledge, spots are limmited and it will be a first comes gets on the course. Kel

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