A core part of our business at St George Underwater is dive travel. We run dive trips to some of the locations in the world, both domestic and international. Our experience has taught us how to get the most of the 1-2 weeks that we typically spend in places like Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and so on.

Each year we run about 6 major trips, typically to internal destinations with groups sizes appropriate to the type of trip and logistical support available to the destination. We run big trips top locations like Hideaway Island in Vanuatu, because this suits the party like nature of the island. Much more intimate trips are organised for other locations such as Truk Lagoon or Palau. Either way we aim to strike a balance between diving and holiday fun so that everyone gets the most out of their adventure.

Domestically, we offer shorter trips that are typically oriented around weekend travel. Destinations up and down the NSW are common place, as they offer exceptional value diving and are easy to get to. Places like south West Rocks (Fishrock), Jervis bay, Solitary Islands and Seal Rocks are amongst the favourites with our divers.

Regardless of the destination, each trip is led by one of our experienced staff members. The trip leaders are chosen specifically for their skills and knowledge both in and out of the water. Each trip leader’s objective is to ensure everyone on the trip is having fun and gets maximum value from the holiday.

Our travel program is published well in advance, giving our you plenty of time to plan around work and other commitments.


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