Shiprock Upgrade

Shiprock, one of the best (if not the best) dive sites in Sydney, has been closed since the end of August for a major upgrade and facelift.  According to Sutherland Shire Council,the work is due to be completed at the end of February, 2012.  For more information about the upgrade see the link above.

While waiting for the work to be completed, I thought there might be some value in reminding people who have dived Shiprock what the path looked like before the upgrade and to show those new to Shiprock what we had to put up with.  I must say that while the trips down the path and especially the trips up the path were difficult, the dive more than made up for it.  Even on a bad day, Shiprock is a great dive.

The old path was steep, slippery and at times dangerous, especially after rain.  As Kel recently commented, if you were one of the last to leave the water and had to make your way up the path after 20-40 divers had just trudged up, it could be quite a challenge.

Here’s what the path looked like while heading down.  For those that have never dived Shiprock, remember that you’d be wearing full dive gear including weights…

And here’s what the path looked like when you were heading back to the car after a dive. Again, you had full dive gear and you were usually dripping wet making the path quite slippery, even if it hadn’t rained…

Looking at the work they have done so far and the plans they have for the upgrade, diving Shiprock is going to be much easier… I hope this doesn’t mean it will become even more crowded when the tides are right.

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