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Without a question the hottest light products to hit the market in recent years are the Underwater Light Dude range of lights. As the light dudes say, they have “light technology, for serious divers”. These lights may not be cheap, but they are the best.Primary-Short-Can-300x300

You might think, “what’s the fuss about – they’re just an ordinary canister light”. Look closer though and you’ll begin  to see that the technology used to build these lights is different to what is out on the market today. The key points include:

  • High density power – each can is packed with high grade lithium-ion cells in an optimal 5 cell (18.5v) configuration. Simply put, this means more power in a smaller space than lower voltage alternatives (e.g. NIMH). Burn time for these lights is in the 3-5+ hour space on high output, and much longer on lower power settings and the larger can. 
  • Sealed External Charging System (SECS) – this is truly a “secsy” feature; no longer do you have to open the canister to charge. Simply insert the sealed canister into the charging dock and away you go – no more flood risk!
  • Piezo Switch – each head contains a non-mechanical piezo switch that is able to control light output levels and turn the light on/off. Peizo switches are extremely cool, reliable and flood proof, which is why they’re being used in the a heap of CCR and dive computer applications. It also means that no traditional canister boot switch is required, eliminating a major point of failure and allowing you to mount the light where ever you like.
  • High Intensity LEDs – although LEDs have been around for a while now, let’s face it some have been lame. These lights use the best LEDs, drivers and optics in order to produce a beam that is effective to use in a variety of applications including cave and wreck diving.
  • Modular – the system is very modular, meaning you can switch out battery canisters, change heads and/or power video and primary light solutions off one canister.

Our favourite light products are below:

  • LD-35 – an 8 degree beam that produces 3500 Lumen of light on setting one at 30 watts. It has top and side mount gland options with 3 battery sizes. Definitely the bad boy of lights!
  • LD-15 – a 6.0 degree beam that produces over 1500 Lumen of light on setting one at 16 watts. A tidy solution for even the most technical diver, and when paired with the mini canister gives over 3 hours of burn time on high. 
  • LD-130V – if you’re into underwater video, you’ll want this monster. It puts out a tonne of high quality light, is bombproof and extremely versatile. Possibly overkill for a GoPro, but if you want to produce great video this is the unit to run.

More product information can be found at http://uwlightdude.com. We have a limited range of UW Light Dude demo lights available, so talk to us about illuminating your life!

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