EezyCut Trilobite Cutter

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We put the call out on our FaceBook page to find out whether our divers preferred a knife or a mesh cutter. The response was clear and the EezyCut Trilobite mesh cutter seems to be the most popular tool of the trade!

You may be surprised to hear that this popular piece of equipment is under $50.00! We have the EezyCut Trilobite in store and available for purchase here at St George Underwater Centre.

We asked around the dive centre for what people think about the EezyCut and this is what we got….

“It’s simple… I use and recommend ezycut as when you’re stuck in a fishing net or hooker on Kevlar traces, they cut them like butter. They don’t rust easily like cheap z-knives, and are easy to deploy and stow. I use one on each wrist computer, and leave another on the boat for emergency situations.”
– Damien Siviero – Technical and Rebreather Diver

“I always dive with an mesh cutter, whether it’s on a course or on a wreck dive. I use an EezyCut in a bright orange colour when I’m teaching and always have one strapped to my BCD.”
– Kel Bradley, Store Owner and Instructor

“It cuts through fishing line like a hot knife through butter.”
– Alanna Yates, diver of 15 years.

“I had my EezyCut ready and poised for action when a Whale Shark took hold of my Regulator hose in the Phillipines…thankfully, all he wanted was a big hug!“*
– Kay Bourke, experienced diver and overseas traveller.
*Not an exact quote.

“My dive buddy and I were in Queensland doing an estuary dive when we came across a drop net that someone had left behind because it had become tangled. There were some baby and growing fish inside, so my buddy tried to use his knife to cut through. After a few minutes, I tried my EezyCut and without any tension it cut through. It’s a great tool.”
– Dominik Fretz, Dive Instructor

 “I used to have a knife attached to my BCD inflator that sat unused for 5 years. I’ve recently ditched the knife and I’m using the EezyCut. Simple to use, easy to stow and the glow-in-the-dark is a great option for night dives.”
– St George Underwater Centre Customer

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