Product We Love: Apollo SV-2 Mask

When you come to have a mask fitting at St George Underwater Centre, you don’t just pick a colour and check out. When buying your SCUBA equipment, it is important to be fitted correctly, and when we hear that many first time divers buy their equipment online (especially their mask), we get concerned.


The reason is simple. Every face is different and no matter how many demonstrations show you how to measure your face on the internet, there is no way to get a great fit through your browser.

When we fit our clients for a mask, we check for a comfortable fit, we check for clear vision and we ensure that the skirt sits flush with the face. It’s a skill that takes many years of practice but ensures that you walk away with a mask that won’t squeeze, pull, press on the bridge of your nose….or worse, flood.

One of our favourites and a best seller is the Apollo SV-2. This multipurpose dual lens mask features high quality silicone, glass lenses and the choice of clear or black silicone. We find the frame to be solid, and the flexible swing buckles ensure optimal movement when worn. Another plus is the broad range of colours for those who want to look fabulous for the fishes!

The Apollo SV-2 is also available for lens replacment if you require bi-focal or full lens magnification. Lenses are fitted in store and we can cater to a variety of standard prescriptions. Have a chat with our staff about getting these lenses placed in your Apollo mask.

Being fitted for your mask and snorkel is an important step for learning to SCUBA dive and our experienced team fit divers, spear fisherman and snorkellers every day to ensure they have the best fit possible. A good quality mask can last many years when maintained and looked after. The Apollo SV-2 has been in my dive tub for the past 4 years and is in great condition.

The Apollo SV-2 mask retails for $129.00 and is available at St George Underwater Centre for $109.00

Matching snorkels are also available and come in complimentary colours. The Apollo Dryflex retails for $

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