Nitrox 32% Now On Tap

We are proud to announce that pre-mixed Nitrox 32% is now available at St George Underwater.  Our dive club members will also enjoy discounted gas fill prices that keep a lid on fill prices.  See our competitive pricing model below.

How does it work?

We pre-mix large amounts of Nitrox 32% and store it in our bank system, just like we do with normal air.  When you come in for a fill, we decant directly from the bank into your cylinder.

When will it be available?

From August 2012, all staff at St George Underwater will be able to fill cylinders with Nitrox 32% from our dedicated Nitrox fill panel.  It will be available during all shop open hours just like air.

Does my cylinder need to be oxygen cleaned?

As pure oxygen is never put directly into your cylinder, it does not need to be oxygen cleaned.  The process is safe and saves you both time and money.  Of course, if your tank has been oxygen cleaned the process won’t affect the tank so it can still be used for other mixes.

Can I still get other Nitrox mixes?

Yes.  Custom mixes will continue to be available at the shop along with 100% oxygen and trimix on a request basis.

Can I top up my cylinder with Nitrox 32%?

Yes.  We can top up cylinders that contain Nitrox 32%, air or other gases.  There’s no need to drain the cylinder of you want a straight 32% top up.

Unlimited gas pricing available

We are also introducing a very special unlimited gas yearly offer.  It allows a single nominated cylinder to be filled an unlimited number of times in a one year period.  The catch is the gas must be either Nitorx 32% or air and you must pay in July.

Pre-paid 20 fill gas cards.

We still have the pre-paid gas cards with 20 fills which are a great way to save time and money.  Simply buy a pre-pay card. which includes 20 fills and use them as you dive.  Cards will now be available in Nitrox 32% and air.  No cylinder restrictions exist so you can fill any cylinder you like with your credit.

You need to be certified to use Nitrox

Using Nitrox has lots of benefits, including extended no-deco bottom time, shorter surface intervals and increased safety.  To start using Nitrox you’ll need to be certified and a PADI or TDI Nitrox course costs just $199.  Courses can be run at almost any time so contact us if you need to get certified.  You’ll also need a Nitrox capable dive computer and we have them available in the shop.

Description Club Price Price
Air – Single Fill $9 $12
Air – Pre-pay 20 fills $160 $210
Air – Unlimited Fills (12 months)* $350 $385
Nitrox 32% – Single Fill $15 $18
Nitrox 32% – Pre-pay 20 Fills $270 $325
Nitrox 32% – Unlimited Fills (12 months)* $450 $500
Custom Gas Pricing
Custom Mixed Nitrox (O2 per litre + air) $0.03 + air $0.04 + air
100% Oxygen (per litre) $0.03 $0.04
Trimix/Helium (He per litre + air) $0.08 + air $0.09 + air

* Note: Unlimited gas is for a single cylinder, sold in July only.

Example club pricing for 36% custom Nitrox (80cf/11L):

(40 bar O2 * 11 L * $0.03) + $9 air fill = $22.20

Example club pricing for 100% oxygen (3 L CCR cylinder):

200 bar O2 * 3 L * $0.03 = $18

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