Meet Kel Bradley

Kel Bradley has owned and run St George Underwater Centre since April 2003.  Anyone that has met him will know he’s a real character and usually speaks his mind.

Kel BradleyHere’s a mini interview with Kel that hopefully tells you some things you may not know about Kel.

Where and when did you learn to dive?

First diving was commercial diving in Persian Gulf in 1975. I completed Padi open Water in 1990s.

Approximately how many dives have you done?


How often do you dive?

In Sydney every month, overseas as much as possible.

What’s your favourite dive location (anywhere in the world)?

Sipadan, Malaysia, due to the fish life and the remoteness.

What’s your favourite dive location around Sydney?

Oak Park for the ease of diving and the different type of diving that is there.

What do you enjoy most about diving?

The ease and access to great dive sites.

What do you enjoy least about diving?

The cold without my dry suit.

What do you enjoy most about teaching others to dive?

Seeing new students dive for the first time.

What do you enjoy least?

Having to dive places that are dirty. 

What’s your favourite TV show?


What’s your favourite movie?

Sanctum 3D.

What’s your favourite food?

Any roast that Sue (Kel’s wife) cooks.

What’s your favourite drink?

If you have been away with me you would know it is beer. 🙂

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