Max Gleeson’s Truk Lagoon DVD Launch

Max Gleeson will be launching with a FREE night his latest and new DVD Shipwrecks of Truk Lagoon whilst Liam Allen will be presenting a video on the Swedish warship Mars.

Truk Lagoon was the scene of Operation Hailstone an attack by the Allies on the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Combined Fleet. Some have described it as the Japanese equivalent of the US Navy’s Pearl Harbour. This WWII attack has provided some of the best wreck diving in the world.

After more than 100 dives across a number of different wrecks the DVD filmed by Max and narrated by Lesley will be launched at the St George Rowers Club (near Sydney Airport) on Monday 16th September 2013.

Max will be speaking about the making of the DVD as well as presenting a chapter on one of the Lagoon’s finest, the Nippo Maru. A preview of the DVD can be seen on Max’s website under “DVD previews”

Liam Allen recent winner of the “Tech Diver of the Year” will be showing video of the Swedish war fleet flagship Mars, which sank in 1564 just north of land. The ship is built of solid oak and lies 75 meters deep. Mars was one of the largest ships of its time, and the largest in the Baltic Sea, with 107 guns with a crew of 800 men

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