At St George Underwater we pride ourselves on the ability to give each one of our students an experience they’ll enjoy. We have a variety of dive instructors that provide both general and specialised training (e.g. technicalgear assembly at the streps diving). Each of them come from rich and diverse backgrounds and have a passion for that they teach. Whether you’re starting out with an open water course or taking the first steps towards more advanced closed-circuit rebreathers, our team of instructors have the necessary skills to ensure you have the necessary skills to take your diving to the next level.

We are a SDI and PADI training  facility, have over 30 years’ experience teaching recreational diving and continue to run a strong and thorough course program. Some of the core SDI and PADI courses we regularly run include:


Speciality Courses

We also run a wide variety of specialty course, however we do these a little different to most. Basically we won’t run a specialty course unless our instructors are passionate about that style of diving. We do this because we believe training is more about what you learn, rather than the card you get at the end. Our specialty program regularly includes the following courses:water photo

* If you are interested in an alternate course, please call us to discuss and we can take you through what we can deliver.


Technical Diving

Whilst our core focus is not on technical diving, we do run dives (particularly overseas) that do require more advanced skills and certification. Typically these include wreck trips to the SS Coolidge and HMS Hermes, as well as local sites such as the Long Reef wrecks and SS Tuggerah. Unlike many shops, we don’t consider deep decompression dives bad or out of limits, but on our trips divers must be appropriately skilled to engage in such activities. To that end we do our best to be technical friendly, periodically running more advanced courses from the TDI Australia program. Examples of technical courses include:




We are very closed-circuit rebreather (CCR) friendly, however at this stage only run rebreather courses as demand dictates. We do encourage the use of CCRs for those appropriately training and experienced, as we feel it maximises the time underwater and enables objectives to be met more easily. If you are interested, talk to use about rebreathers as we are CCR divers ourselves.


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