Hideaway Photo Workshop 2012

Our end of year trip just keeps getting better. I’m happy to announce that the underwater photography will be run by Damien Siviero, who many of you will know from around the shop. Damien is an award winning photographer, who has published images in magazines, marketing campaigns and all manner of stuff online. He’s typically found diving on a rebreather, shooting sharks or off on a cave/wreck expedition, but we have him on this trip! If you want to learn how to take photos underwater, here’s an opportunity to learn from one of the best.

I asked Damien the other day what the workshop would cover, here’s what he said:

“I think we can all fall victim to wanting/needing the newest camera model, more megapixels, higher ISO, etc… whilst that’s important, I want to take things back to basics and focus on light. It might sound simple, but that is what photography is all about. Subject, framing, shutter aperture  – these are the key to a great image.

Instead of a macro or wide angle themed workshop, I’d like to divide the workshop into two parts.

1.       Artificial Light – the focus here will be on strobe lighting, as well as an exploration of what video lights can/cannot do for still photography. For those without strobes, we’ll put together a some P&S kits that people can use with their own cameras. Macro and close focus wide angle will naturally be the focus here, so Hideaway reefs are idea.  

2.       Natural Light – more often than not it is harder to capture great wide angle images. Hideaway Island offers some very nice hard coral and some nice small wrecks, which if captured nicely will be great for shooting with natural light only. The use of filters will also give us a helping hand and bring back some colour in the shallows at Hideaway.

Ultimately I think it’s about learning to balance light, so we’ll focus on this as well as framing, colour, equipment handling and finally what do to (or rather not to do) with a photo on a computer. I’m a big fan of shooting in RAW, so if people want to learn the finer points of that, I’m more than happy to cover that too. 

Participants should also think about a photographic goal. When I travel, I usually have one or more things I want to achieve, so I’ll like to help people get want they want too in this regard. ”

Over the week on Hideaway Island, Damien with run a few formal workshops plus a series of more personalised tutorials and dives. The latter will be targeted at different experience levels from absolute beginner to advanced shooter. In addition, we will run a pre-Vanuatu session on 4th Dec 2:00-4:00pm, to cover some theory and make the most of our time on Hideaway. For those with new camera setups, or anyone wanting to test out one of our strobes there will be a club dive on the same morning (4th Dec) where Damien will dive and be available for to help with equipment setup or answer any questions about diving and photography.

The base workshop fee is $199. If you also want to combine the PADI Underwater Photography course with this experience, the cost for both is $299. Space is limited and filling up fast, so book immediately.

If you need inspiration, checkout Damien’s website at http://damiensiviero.com/portfolio

Click here to download PDF brochure.


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