Hideaway Island Dec 2012/Jan 2013

It’s on again!

Hideaway IslandAs in previous years we’re having our New Year’s trip to Vanuatu and you’re all invited.  We’ll be staying at the Hideaway Island Resort for 7 nights from 28th December to 4th January.  You can come along and dive everyday or make a lazy holiday out of the trip.

Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary is situated on its’ own private island, just a 5 minute ferry ride from the mainland and 15 minutes from Port Vila. Surrounded by the crystal clear waters of Mele Bay and live coral reefs supporting a diversity of prolific marine life, Hideaway Island has been declared a protected marine sanctuary. The reef in front of the resort is teeming with brilliantly coloured fish and marine life and can be explored by snorkelling or diving straight from the shore.

For more information see: Hideaway Island Dec 2012/Jan 2013

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