Have You Considered Traveling For Your Diving?

With 11 members just back from a fantastic dive trip to Borneo and the club trip to Vanuatu next month, now is a good time to consider expanding your diving horizons with a dive trip.

There’s nothing wrong with the diving in Sydney, except perhaps being a little cool at times, and you can get in a few dives in a weekend if you push it.  There’s lots to see and most of the dives are easy.  A dive trip, however, can take you to an exotic location with completely different diving, experiencing different cultures as well as having a great time with a great bunch of people.

In October in Borneo, 11 of us experienced living in a water village (with no sign of Kevin Costner) far from any land, up to 22 dives in 6 days, warm (around 29ºC) and clear water, turtles, sharks, and thousands of brightly coloured fish and corals.  We dived Sipdan Island, Mabul Island and Siamil Island as well as dives around the resort in Kapalai. The accommodation was very comfortable and the food was great. In addition, we stayed at a rainforest retreat; saw orangutans, macaques and proboscis monkeys up close; visited a rainforest at night.

In December, there’s a trip to Hideaway Island, Vanuatu for 7 nights.  Vanuatu is less than 4 hours flight from Sydney and the transfer to the resort is less than an hour.  You’ll hardly feel like you’ve left the country.  Accommodation is comfortable, food is good, the diving is easy and the water warm (27-28ºC) and clear.  We should have the island to ourselves to it will also be a bit of a party.  In addition, Damien is running a photography workshop.  What better place is there to hone your photography skills?

Next year we also have trips to Palau, Tonga and Indonesia.  See: Travel

If you are a new diver, a dive trip is a great way to increase your number of dives.  On one trip you could easily do 20 dives which would take 4 to 5 months of diving once every weekend.  As the water is likely to be warmer you can where a lighter suit (if you need a suit at all) which means less weight and so easier diving.  Most of the dives will be from a boat which makes things easier, again.

If you are an underwater photographer, a dive trip will give you not only more opportunities to take photographs but also a greater range of subjects.  With more dives in a short space of time you’ll have more chances to get that special image.

There’s also the great social side of things.  You aren’t diving the whole time and you get to spend the other time with a great group of people and be entertained by the shenanigans.  I have enjoyed the social side of every dive trip I’ve attended.

While a dive trip may not look inexpensive when you first look at it, traveling in a group almost always costs less.  This means you can generally do a trip with a few bells and whistles for less than if you did the equivalent trip on your own.

So… what are you waiting for?  Why not book a trip today?  See the Travel page to see what trips are coming up.

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