Staff Profiles

Our dive team is made up of an electric bunch, with many specialising in a particular area of diving. Below is a quick bio on each one.

Kel Bradley – As manager of St George Underwater, Kel’s friendly attitude is one reasons why people choose to dive with us. He holds some kind of fancy instructor rating with SDI, TDI, PADI, ABC, 123… you get the picture – he can teach. He is passionate about diving and is seen around the traps teaching, taking photos and playing with his new toy – a Poseidon  MKVI rebreather. Some say he can hold his breath for 11 min 32 secs, and that during the week he lives in a secret underground aquarium; but all we know is he’s called the boss.



Caitlin Bradley – Always open to help, Caitlin looks after our social media & keeps Kel under control (as any daughter should!)  You’ll find Caitlin in store every Sunday & she’s your go to gal for travel & customer service. When she is out of the water, she writes about this season fashion at closet-confessions and has just opened her own boutique at the store (look out for the “pink palace”.


John McKeon – the original Mr Sydney Water, John controls pumps and valves by day, though by night (and weekend) he transforms into the alter his alter ego. He collects expensive art, so we figure this makes him a sensitive new age guy (aka SNUG) – almost anyway. He’s an instructor, trip leader and photographer to boot. Watch out though, as he once had a single glass of wine in Truk Lagoon, which got equated to a American college kegger and still has the locals talking.


Mark Battams – A retired fireman , Mark is a TDI technical instructor and focuses his efforts teaching people starting out on their technical diving journey. His diligence is world renown, which is what you want when it comes to 100% oxygen and other voodoo gases. With his bionic knees (patent pending), Mark is not faster than a speeding bullet, can’t stop a locomotive, but can run up the stairs at Shiprock in 19.03 seconds flat.

Stan Bow – we’re not sure how, but we seemed to have cornered the market on ex-fire fighters. Stan is also one of our instructors and enjoys teaching open water classes and leading club dives. Stan’s passion for diving is evident, as if he’s not teaching you’ll see him out with the dive club getting in amongst it. We suspect, but can’t confirm, that his hair turned that white after a stressful encounter with a 6.2m Port Jackson shark.


Damien Siviero – he acts like he owns the place and isn’t even a staff member, so we don’t know why he’s even on this page. Since giving up a corporate desk job to be a full-time photographer (we think they actually kicked him out), he hangs around the place and has been hard to get rid of ever since. Difficult to spot in the wild, he’s often diving deep wrecks with camera in tow. In captivity, you’ll find him in a man cave tinkering with rebreathers, building stupidly bright lights or just having a beer. We think he’s pretty good with a camera too. 

This isn’t the whole crew – you’ll need to come in for a dive to meet the rest of us!



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